Language Weaver - Neural Machine Translation

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The power of Language Weaver, controlled and managed by you

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Language Weaver - Neural Machine Translation

Security, on your own terms

  • Deploy privately within your own environment.
  • Protect your greatest asset: Your data.
  • Your AI, behind your firewall.
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Solutions designed for enterprise and government

  • Deploy your way – On-premises, cloud or hybrid combination.
  • Streamline user experience with single-sign-on.
  • Customize your Edge portal, in your style.

Scale exactly as you need to

  • Rest easy with guaranteed throughput.
  • Optimize performance with automatic scaling capabilities.
  • Control your deployment with Kubernetes.
Language Weaver - Neural Machine Translation

The power of Language Weaver, managed by you

  • Over 3,000 language combinations.
  • Access new markets, reach global audiences.
  • Accelerate insight – no more disparate multilingual data.

Adapt AI to speak your language

  • Tailor MT to your own terminology, brand style, and domain context.
  • Switch on auto-adaptation and let MT models learn from user feedback, dictionaries, and translation memories.
  • Power adaptation with GPU, or even CPU.
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Make your apps multilingual

  • Embed real-time translation into your own software.
  • Access new markets and deepen stickiness of your product.

Looking for a cloud solution?

If you are looking for a cloud solution then we've got you covered with Language Weaver Cloud.
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