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Make Intellectual Property decisions with confidence based on high quality IP research.
Our Service

Worldwide patent search services

Protect your ideas at every stage of the innovation lifecycle and unlock the full value of your patent portfolio. From R&D to licensing, we will help you to develop, defend and monetize your IP with our complete range of intellectual property research services. 
Our unique approach enables us to devise and deliver a strategy that meets your precise goals. Drawing upon the expertise of our in-house analysts, as well as the world’s largest network of specialist researchers, we will provide actionable data in a format that helps you make informed decisions efficiently and quickly.
Our secure research platform lets you view, tag, annotate and safely store results for further review. This enables you to build a corpus of business intelligence to guide your future business strategy. 
Our Methodology

Industry-leading IP research methodologies

Every patent search is unique, and we approach each project with this in mind. Considering the scope, risks, budget and purpose of the research, we will propose a solution that is optimized to achieve the desired outcome. 
Our ISO-certified process ensures you receive only the highest quality results. We will meticulously oversee every stage of the project, from pre-launch consultation to delivery, continuously refining the direction of the research based on findings in near real-time. 
Our People

Patent research delivered by experts

Whether your project requires one researcher or several hundred, we are uniquely placed to accommodate your needs. Combining traditional search methodologies with CrowdSearching, our service can be scaled up to meet even the most complex of challenges. Our team consists of: 
Study Managers: Our skilled research managers oversee each CrowdSourced study. They bring hands-on experience, including roles as US patent examiners, and hold advanced degrees in a range of specialist disciplines. Understanding both technicalities and legal needs, they work closely with you from start to finish.
IP Analysts: Our in-house Analyst team consists of 30+ graduate and post-graduate scientists and engineers. They handle a variety of research in line with ISO quality standards, analyzing resulting data to ensure quality and consistency. 
The Crowd: We have a diverse and highly skilled Crowd of more than 40,000 researchers, operating in 170+ countries and 140 languages. Our crowd works on a cost-effective 'contest' pricing model, allowing you to engage dozens or even hundreds of researchers within your budget. 

Why choose RWS?

A unique approach

We offer both traditional analyst searches and Crowd Searches, drawing on our network of 40,000 researchers to locate even the most obscure prior art.

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Market-leading technology

Access your results via our secure, collaborative platform, AOP Connect. This sophisticated portal lets you turn research data into lasting assets.

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ISO-accredited processes

Our methodology is governed by ISO quality standards, giving you peace of mind around quality, accuracy and security.

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Six decades of IP research experience

RWS was created to serve the needs of international patent searchers. Founded in 1958 as a merger between a specialist translation company and a patent and technical information searching company, RWS went on to become one of the world’s leading IP service providers.
We later created PatBase with partner Minesoft as one of the first internet native patent search tools. AOP Connect was the first prior art crowdsourcing portal, and has evolved into the leading online review platform for search results. 
Our many decades of experience have positioned us to provide an unparalleled range of IP services and resources, underpinned by stringent quality standards. 

Client success story: Kilburn & Strode

Find out how we have helped leading patent attorney firm Kilburn & Strode to make strategic decisions through meticulous IP research.   In this video, Kilburn & Strode Chair Gwilym Roberts explains how our partnership has benefited the firm and its clients. Hear how, in one case, we devised a tailored search strategy based on their client’s needs, delivering comprehensive, timely results that enabled their client to refocus their R&D efforts.

An IP resource library at your fingertips

The RWS IP resource collection lets you access information on a wide range of intellectual property topics, completely free of charge.

Listen to pre-recorded webinars delivered by IP experts, download specialist eBooks and learn more about our services with our selection of brochures.

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