Businesses in the energy industry are faced with accelerating global demand and new players in increasingly competitive markets. Global IP support and effective, consistent multilingual communication are key yet complex in this fast-moving and highly regulated industry. 

Your translations require an expert understanding of fluctuating trends, procedures and standards—and we can help.

Expand your global reach with speed

We know that efficiency and industry expertise are required to effectively manage all the content surrounding your products while protecting your intellectual property and staying abreast of emerging market developments and security issues. 

With RWS, you can be confident you have a partner that assigns only expert translators with experience in the energy sector. Our proprietary workflows and tools integrate seamlessly with your existing processes to streamline IP management in foreign markets and to deliver translations with maximum speed, cost-efficiency and quality.

Energy globalization services

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Why RWS?

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Our translators are experienced subject-matter experts.
Unrivalled accuracy and consistency at scale.
We use ISO 9001 and industry-recognized quality frameworks.
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Wide range of cutting-edge patent services.

We can help

If you are ready to grow your international footprint with global IP services and precision-quality translations, we can help. 

Our winning combination of subject-matter experts, proven processes and innovative technology drives comprehensive solutions that bring you closer to your customers—wherever they are.

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