Meet government requirements for multilingual content with our professional language and content service management solutions for public sector, intelligence, defense and law enforcement agencies.
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RWS - Government Solutions

Why RWS?

Globally proven content and translation management solutions to address the needs of government agencies.
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27+ years of protecting vital freedoms from threats
Conversation language
120+ uni-directional language pairs
Global reach
Works with 50+ government customers globally
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Scalable solutions to address Big Data language challenges
Best-of-breed technology
Public Sector Intelligence and Law Enforcement
RWS - Government Solutions

Keep ever-changing government content such as policies, records, correspondence, texts of laws, regulations, statistics, and scientific and technical information more locally relevant and up-to-date with our end-to-end content and translation management solutions. 

Gain greater efficiency and reuse your information across your workforce, while still offering significant security, cost and innovation benefits to the modern citizen.


Address the key challenges facing the public sector across the content supply chain.

Knowledge Hub

Provide centralized access to public sector content, for a virtual single source of truth. Create engaging customer experiences with componentized content using dependency management, personalization, and reuse capabilities for productivity gains, efficiency, and information governance.

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Secure translation supply chain

Obtain total jurisdictional control of data within a secure environment that regulates every step in the translation supply chain. From a document’s creation, translation, through the review cycle to publishing, every step is securely orchestrated through our workflows, providing traceability across the document’s journey.
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Omni-channel content delivery

Deliver content across multiple digital touchpoints for omni-channel experiences, ensuring agency brand and message consistency, while reducing technology, process, and content fragmentation.
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Ensure all website content services are always accessible and available across channels, for all constituents, regardless of ability or limitations with our comprehensive strategy and remediation services, and technology solutions.
RWS - Government Solutions

Boost your ability to keep up with the velocity of multilingual government content, and exploit the value of your data, at the speed of which it is coming in. 

Deploy our out-of-the-box machine translation application behind a trusted firewall on-premise, or in a private cloud in a few hours, and address your need for instant translation, while keeping your data safe and secure within your organization’s government content management solution.


We remove language barriers for intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

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eDiscovery and Data Analytics

Leverage the value of foreign language document translation and analysis directly from leading eDiscovery and Data Analytics solutions. Obtain instant, and secure translation of foreign language case-related content—in any format, in support of international investigations.
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Mobile and Digital Forensics

Shorten investigation times for digital forensic analytics by leveraging on-device machine translation capabilities on your content service platform, directly integrated with the industry’s leading mobile and digital forensics solutions.
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Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Broadcast Monitoring

Harvesting large amounts of data from the web to obtain actionable intelligence requires advanced machine translation and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to translate foreign-language content and extract useful information automatically, allowing intelligence analysts to make use of all the collected data.
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Signal Intelligence (SIGINT)

Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, are key activities for military intelligence organizations. Embedding Neural Machine Translation (NMT) in hand-held devices or data processing and fusion facilities, allows for streamlined and efficient cross-language and cross-border military applications.
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Lawful Interception Management Systems (LIMS)

Communications service providers (CSPs) and law enforcement agencies (LEAs) can rely on our Neural Machine Translation to handle foreign language content obtained through lawful interception. Boost your ability to translate communications securely and automatically to lawfully locate, intercept, monitor, and analyze criminal communications and network activity.
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Cyber Threat Intelligence (CYBERINT)

Proactive cyber threat intelligence relies on analyzing content collected from multiple web content services: Cyber defense and cyber intelligence providers, but also open and dark web. Our state-of-the-art Neural Machine Translation can analyze multilingual conversations collected from the dark and open web and provide actionable intelligence to cyber security experts.
Government of Greenland
“RWS (SDL) has improved our translation processes immeasurably—the translators can now concentrate on the translation without distraction. The improvement has gained the team more respect and helped build our reputation in the organization.”
Kim Christiansen, Project Manager, Government of Greenland

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