High-Tech Software Solutions

Respond to market demands and increased product velocity with our specialized language and content solutions for enterprise software and hardware, IT services, social media, games, online applications, multimedia, productivity applications, cloud computing, and mobile devices. 

Meet the evolving requirements of your customers and continuously deliver software updates across, both code and content, as well as product and marketing micro-updates, while protecting personal and special data to mitigate data privacy risks.

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Why RWS?

Keep your software at the center of the digital economy with an organization you can trust.
IT software
Trusted by the top 14 IT/Software companies.
Consumer electronics
Work with 11 top consumer electronic companies.
1,750+ in house translators.
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Integrated solution stack.
Secure multilingual content management
Secure multilingual content management.

Areas of expertise

Content and language solutions for the high-tech industry.
RWS High-Tech Software Solutions - Consumer software

Consumer software

Keep up-to-date with the constant flow of just-in-time product and marketing micro-updates, as well as improve customer service speed of response with a continuous localization model. Improve Daily Active Users (DAUs), Monthly Active Users (MAUs), and Average Revenue per User (ARPU).
RWS High-Tech Software Solutions - Enterprise software

Enterprise software

Easily create, publish, maintain, manage, synchronize, and delist large amounts of complex content across campaigns, markets and languages on multiple platforms. Keep up-to-date with fast-evolving cycles of code updates and content micro-projects to deliver simultaneous (sim-ship) experiences to your end-users by using just-in-time workflows and processes.
RWS High-Tech Software Solutions - IT hardware & electronics

IT hardware & electronics

Meet product documentation deadlines and benefit from high-quality testing services for your firmware and software. Use our reliable and secure solutions to manage your global content demands for product releases and hit your global launch dates, while mitigating risk and responding to evolving digital threats.
RWS High-Tech Software Solutions - IT services

IT services

Better serve your customers and employees with multilingual content solutions to enhance the customer experience across your VPN, LAN, WAN or VoIP services.
RWS High-Tech Software Solutions - Telecom services

Telecom services

Fully leverage the power of cloud computing, Software-Defined Networking (SDN), Big Data, and the Internet of Things (IoT) with powerful content management and translation capabilities. Coordinate software development teams, in-house technical writers, and translators across projects to deliver on schedule without relying on your IT and development teams.
RWS High-Tech Software Solutions - Media


Centralize and control multimedia production processes to deliver a globally consistent, but locally relevant message within impressive turnaround times. Our test engineers can support a steady flow of testing projects, and supply quality standards feedback on translations promptly so you can meet release deadlines and scale your ecommerce and customer engagement strategy.


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“We now manage our localization projects consistently, and we work with clearly defined responsibilities and objectives. Although the initial investment required was high, our experience has proven that this pays off. The quality improvement and the financial results highlight our success—in 2012 alone, we saved 80% on translation costs.”
Antonella Onesti Project Manager Localization & User Documentation
“We were surprised and delighted to see how quickly the users got up to speed using translation management. It’s really intuitive. We deployed training for our stakeholders in EMEA and in the US and the response has been really positive.”
Marie-Claude Falardeau, Localization Engineer
“Our marketers were amazed when they realized what they can do. The extent to which they can create a relevant, personalized visitor experience is more specific and precise than ever. For the first time, they can actually target their customers without relying on IT and development teams.”
Robert Forss Solution Architect Web Portals