Structured content authoring

Intuitive | Collaborative | Governed 

A web-based solution with an intuitive Word-like interface that transforms content creation for authors, subject-matter experts and other content stakeholders in life sciences, financial services, manufacturing and other industries.

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Why structured content authoring (SCA)?

Many industries are under pressure to deliver accurate content faster than ever. They need the writing and review of business-critical and regulated content – which evolves over long periods – to be less laborious, repetitive and vulnerable to error. 

When standard word-processing tools aren't up to the job, our Tridion and Fonto SCA solutions offer: 

  • Easy content reuse and updates – without duplication or error 
  • Simplified collaboration no matter how many stakeholders are providing input 
  • Content governance including defined taxonomy use and 100% reliable audit trails
See how SCA can help you overcome content creation challenges in this infographic.
Transform content creation with structured content authoring from Tridion or Fonto
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How does SCA work?

Unlike standard word processors, which store and manage content as documents, our SCA tools store and manage content as smaller components. A component could be a phrase, paragraph, series of paragraphs, image, video, table, or any other piece of content. Documents or other deliverables are created by assembling components into a whole – they don't exist as a single file until they're published. Components can be used in multiple publications without duplication. 

The content is structured because there is a set of rules – a schema or content model – specifying the relationships between components and how they can be organized.


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Key features

Content creation that is intuitive, collaborative and well-governed
Duplicate documents
Familiar Word-like interface
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Component-level control
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100% reliable audit trails
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Concurrent authoring and reviewing
Standardized taxonomies
"It was important to have a browser-based XML tool with possibilities for WYSIWYG editing properties. Furthermore, we saw an advantage in experience and knowledge from structuring of product information for medicinal products."
Swedish Medical Products Agency
Swedish Medical Products Agency
“Super tool to use even for a non-editor, super friendly to play with the document, interactive. It will help ... all experts writing our standards. Well done!”
International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
Linde MH
"What truly minimizes processing time and personnel resources, is the fact that all text modules flagged as final ... can be reused indefinitely without ever having to be checked again."
"[The] intuitive user interface and online accessibility empowers our engineering and marketing staff to cut out the middleman and directly contribute to documentation development and maintenance."
Ruckus Wireless

Solutions for different needs

RWS offers two SCA solutions: 

  • Fonto, which can be paired with any content management system (CMS) or component CMS (CCMS
  • Collective Spaces, which is part of our Tridion Docs CCMS for DITA-based content creation