Tridion Content Delivery

Benefit from single-source publishing and convert your content into any output format and language so that you only have to write it once. 

Tridion supports headless, dynamic, personalized and responsive web delivery, API-based access to content, XML or JSON output, RSS streams, XML output, static HTML, Help files, eLearning, all the way through to automatically formatted and designed accessible PDF or print output.

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Single-source publishing you can trust

“Our new site will provide a more worthwhile experience for our visitors as we placed significant emphasis on personalization and self-service.”
Robb Black, President and CEO.
“The solutions makes it inherently easy to deliver a consistent web presence in different languages, straight out of the box.”
Gerard Schram, Web Strategy and Operations Manager.
California Casualty
‘’Adopting Tridion […] ensured that we could maintain consistency across all our content. It saves our staff a huge amount of time—helping them provide high-quality customer service and do their jobs more efficiently.”
Susan Lalor, Knowledge Management Team Manager.
“With this integrated solution we are able to maintain our meticulously high-quality standards for our extending product lines, while adding new languages as dictated by our expansion plans.”
Tamotsu Maeda, Manual Development Division Leader.

Key benefits

Create Once, Publish Everywhere (COPE)
Reach your customers on any channel
Documents bad certification
Eliminate copying and cloning content
Magnifying glass explanation mark
Improve content findability
Document shapes
Mash up content from various sources
Globe connectors screen
Publish online and offline from a single source

Key features

Squares inward outward arrows
Document magnifying glass
Cog pdf document
Document screen
Extensible and configurable