RWS Localization Resourcing

RWS Localization Resourcing

Need to outsource your localization business process, fill in-house talent gaps or scale quickly to meet increased customer demand? Our localization resourcing services support a variety of staffing models, helping you source pre-qualified resources across a range of specializations.

We remove the complexities around global staffing by providing the resources you need and managing all aspects of vetting and onboarding so you can be assured of consistent, high-quality results.

Localization business process outsourcing

Your localization business process is fully managed by our resources specialized in localization as well as other skills such as project management, project engineering and desktop publishing (DTP). This avoids the need for you to hire and onboard resources or train an internal team, whose bandwidth is likely already stretched, to successfully manage the process.
Localization Resourcing - Localization business process outsourcing
Localization Resourcing - Talent sourcing

Talent sourcing

We recruit and manage resources to fill or supplement your in-house talent, helping you avoid the time and cost associated with increasing employee headcount. Whether you need localization expertise or other specialized skill sets, we manage all HR-related aspects from recruiting to onboarding so you don’t have to worry about it.


We provide cost-effective, agile and out-of-the-box solutions through our managed community of skilled freelancers, which includes traditional localization resources as well as a broader variety of talent. Their output quality is consistently monitored to ensure continuous improvement.
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