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Secure, scalable AI-powered machine translation with Language Weaver
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In a digital world, global businesses increasingly need to translate their content — whether ad hoc or at scale. 

Delivering multilingual content to an ever more globalized customer base is increasingly a ‘must have’ rather than a ‘nice to have’ requirement. 

Machine translation is ubiquitous and freely available – so what’s the problem? 

In essence, security. Can you trust free translation tools? Is the content your employees put into them secure? 

Language Weaver provides a secure centralized translation platform to manage the translation of vast amounts of data at enterprise scale across users, workgroups and projects. 

It is essential to communicate clearly with your customers without the language barrier. Bespoke Neural MT solutions for customer support reduce the time it takes to resolve issues, and help cut the cost of providing multilingual support. The value of speaking to customers in their own language is tangible, with engagement and retention numbers up by more than 70% when an effective localization workflow is in place. 

Put simply, incorporating Machine Translation into existing workflows saves time and money, and automating workflows opens up new opportunities to grow and retain business.

Multilingual customer support

Providing support to users in their own language is critical to customer success, but maintaining round-the-clock multilingual teams is expensive and doesn’t scale well. Putting machine translation at the centre of the process – adapted to your products and service – captures more that 40% of first-level support issues without any human involvement, and reduces Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) for key issues by up to 60%, allowing companies to provide multilingual support at scale while retaining their focus on core products and services.

Content localization

Traditional localizations are under increasing time and cost pressures due to growing content volumes. 

Language Weaver solutions have been incorporated into service provider workflows over the past decade, and with the advent of Neural MT and the dramatic increases in quality that have been achieved, end-user enterprises are taking ownership of the technology and reaping the benefits.

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