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Fonto and the future of documents

Fonto joins the RWS family

Fonto and RWS have come together to share a vision for enterprise content that goes beyond the document. 

Together, we are freeing content from the inflexible document format that currently dominates, so it can be managed in more modular and reusable forms that are optimized for digital delivery and can be read by machines. 

Fonto’s technology empowers subject matter experts from a diverse range of industries to author and review this structured content with ease.

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Structured authoring made easy for complex matters

Fonto is a structured content authoring application used by subject matter experts to make the creation, editing and review of documents flawless, fast and efficient. 

It provides authors and reviewers with a simplified approach to centralized collaboration in an easy to use, MS Word-style user interface. Tracking changes, and even historical changes, adding comments, and providing feedback to the author becomes a well-managed, traceable process.

Structured authoring made easy for complex matters
Enabling your content to work harder and smarter

Enabling your content to work harder and smarter

Using traditional, document-based methods for content management is an exercise in failure for many organizations. Fonto enables content to be dynamically created, revised and delivered in a way that makes it easier to meet business goals and stimulate growth.
Document Digitalization

Document digitalization

Fonto is designed to produce publications for the modern audience. Documentation can be semantically enhanced, enriched with external data and delivered dynamically to any output.
Easy Structured Authoring

Easy structured authoring

Using a simple approach to structured authoring, Fonto allows you to create fit-for-purpose, machine-readable content, without the need to understand and use the underlying XML directly.


Fonto can be used in any industry requiring structured content, and supports any XML schema available, including DITA, JATS, BITS, S1000D, DocBook, NISO STS, TEI and bespoke schemas.
Componentized Approach

Componentized approach

By componentizing content, Fonto lets authors create content once, and reuse and repurpose it many times. Documents can be published to multiple channels from a single source.
Cloud Native

Cloud native

As a web-based SaaS application, Fonto provides real-time collaboration between subject matter experts and makes content management scalable.


Fonto supports easy collaboration between team members – eradicating multiple version copies and endless email exchanges.
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