Propylon and the architecture of progress

Propylon has joined the RWS family

RWS and Propylon have come together with the shared vision of enabling rule-makers and rule-takers to transform their content management workflows. 

Propylon solutions are trusted by governments, legislatures, standards bodies and regulated companies to handle the intricacies and dependencies associated with managing and updating legal and regulatory content – ranging from primary law to regulations, standards and guidance.

Solving complex regulatory workflow challenges

We free your legal and regulatory content from rigid document and publication formats, enabling you to manage it in more modular and reusable forms. This optimizes your content for digital delivery, AI and other machine consumption, localization, and integration into critical business workflows. 

All while you continue to use Microsoft Word to develop your content.

Ultimate control over content

At the heart of our solutions is a component content management system (CCMS) that works behind the scenes to give you far greater control in managing the whole content lifecycle: 

  • Work with content as reusable components, each with a fully tracked history 
  • Manage multiple content versions while always maintaining dependencies 
  • Publish content to different formats and platforms from a single source 
  • Track, pinpoint and understand regulatory change

Two distinct solutions

Built on our state-of-the-art CCMS, we offer two solutions to reflect the different needs of the world’s primary rule-makers – legislatures – and other rule-makers and rule-takers in highly regulated industries: 

  • LWB 360 for legislatures drafting, amending, approving, publishing and updating primary law and managing the legislative process 
  • TimeArc for organizations creating or disseminating standards, regulations, guidance, policies and procedures to support regulatory compliance

Key features

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Extensible and configurable
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