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Language Weaver - Neural Machine Translation

Secure translation at speed

Language Weaver machine translation is used by government organizations around the world – for everything from speeding up routine translations to their most sensitive defense, intelligence and law enforcement needs.

As one of the world's most powerful and adaptable neural machine translation (NMT) platforms, Language Weaver delivers near-instant translation in more than 3,000 language combinations. It can be deployed behind your firewall – at your premises or in a private cloud – for secure translation at scale.

Capability Statement (US)

We have a wealth of experience delivering for the US government. Past performance evaluations include the DoD, DHS, intelligence community and civilian agencies.


Designed for Intelligence and law enforcement

Keep up with any volume of multilingual content and exploit its value as quickly as it comes to you – without any of it leaving your secure network including:

  • eDiscovery and data analytics for international cases requiring multilingual document review
  • Mobile and digital forensics for investigations requiring rapid translation of information extracted from target devices
  • Open source intelligence (OSINT) and broadcast monitoring for actionable intelligence regardless of language
  • Signals intelligence (SIGINT) in support of cross-language, cross-border military intelligence activities
  • Lawful interception (LI) activities requiring rapid translation of intercepted communications
  • Cyber threat intelligence (CYBERINT) that requires translation of conversations from the dark and open web

Turning information into intelligence

You may harvest large amounts of data to obtain actionable intelligence, but can your analysts make use of it all? Language Weaver combines advanced neural machine translation (NMT) and natural language processing (NLP) capabilities, allowing you to:

  • Automatically identify the languages you're dealing with
  • Translate content instantly
  • Extract relevant information through AI-generated summaries

Other public sector use cases

Language Weaver offers significant security, cost and innovation benefits for a wide range of government use cases. It can transform your ability to give people information and support in the languages they speak – a public-sector requirement in many parts of the world. In the US, for example, federal agencies are required by the US Attorney General to implement a language access plan.
Language Weaver public sector applications include:
  • Translation of policies, laws, regulations, records, correspondence, or scientific, technical and statistical information
  • Multilingual live chat or chatbot applications
  • Multilingual knowledge bases

Enterprise-grade, secure neural machine translation

Language Weaver Edge uses state-of-the-art proprietary neural machine translation (NMT) and market-leading adaptability to accelerate government and public sector enablement of content-intensive business processes.


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