Today’s highly competitive telecom landscape is pushing companies to expand not just the scale and scope of their offerings, but also their global reach. Specifically, there is a huge opportunity for you to win in untapped emerging markets—and we can help.

Deliver personalized, frictionless experiences

Around the world, consumers demand products and services that are easy to use, understand and pay for. Part of creating that seamless experience is talking to your audience in their language. But even before this, in order to protect your business, you have to meet each target market’s patent requirements. 

Our comprehensive intellectual property and globalization services ensure your products and content are ready to go global.

Telecom localization services

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Why RWS?

Unrivalled accuracy and consistency.
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We use ISO 9001 and industry-recognized quality frameworks.
Trusted by Fortune 500 brands and the ‘Fab 5’ Tech companies.
Wide range of cutting-edge patent services.

If your business wants to expand its reach with global IP services and precision-quality translations, we can help.

Our winning combination of subject-matter experts, proven processes and innovative technology drives comprehensive solutions that bring you closer to your customers—wherever they are.

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